Chelsea and Aaron | Wedding at Piazza in the Village in Dallas, TX

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On June 30, 2018, we witnessed Chelsea and Aaron commit themselves to each other as they joined in holy matrimony. They continued the celebration at Piazza in the Village with their wedding party of 16 and their closest friends and family.

There was a memorial seat at the reception for one of Aaron’s late best friends that past away unexpectedly last year. It was a surprise Chelsea set up for her soon - to - be Husband, Aaron. The seat was located next to his seat at the head table. There were tons of sweet moments like this throughout the whole day.

When asking the couple what is most important for us to capture day of, the bride mentioned, “We want pics of our wedding guests and everyone dancing and enjoying themselves.”. As you scroll down, you will see Chelsea and Aaron, along with their wedding guests having the time of their lives dancing the night away! We hope you have as much fun checking out Chelsea and Aaron’s wedding as we had sharing it with you…


Planner: Jane Deux Event Management- Crystal Sowah

Location: Piazza in the Village

Caterer: Piazza in the Village

Florist: Bella Flora of Dallas

Baker: Absolutely Edible Cakes


Groomsmen- Jacob Clayton

Groom- Balani Custom Clothier

Bride & Bridesmaids- Defrance Couture

DJ/Band: DJ Hawaii 5-0


Hair-Tunmi Ogunsanya

Makeup- Hanady Cruz and Vacilia “Cici” Belmontes

Andre + Gina | Wedding Featured on Black Southern Belle


We are so thrilled to see Andre and Gina’s wedding featured again and this time on Black Southern Belle! Their wedding was previously featured in The Knot Texas Winter ‘17 print issue. Andre and Gina’s Wedding was absolutely beautiful so we are pleased to see others feel the same way! Continue scrolling to see some highlights as well as their love story, wedding style, memories and advice via our stunning bride, Gina. Click here for the full feature.

Love story via Bride:

We met at a networking event at the valet stand. I was with my line sister, and another friend and I noticed an attractive guy standing at valet, checking me out. He was lucky, because he was standing in front of the valet sign, so I had to go there any way. He engaged me in small talk, and then I turned my attention to my other friend who was there with me. Much to my surprise, my line sister was talking to him during that time. My car finally arrived and he walked me to the car and informed me that my line sister, gave him my number (which she has never ever done) and told him I was an amazing person and he should call me. When he texted me that night and then called the next evening (Saturday) to ask me out later that week, I knew I needed to take a closer look at him, and I did….1.5 years later, my family had flown in from Chicago to celebrate Christmas with us and to meet Andre’s family.

We were all at the dinner table on Christmas night, after we finished eating and started to exchange gifts. His mother brought out a Johnny Walker box and handed it to me. Andre is the whiskey lover and I felt the gift may be better for him, but I smiled and accepted it. Inside the box was a bottle of Veuve Clicquot which my friend gave me to save for a special occasion. We saved this bottle since the beginning of our relationship, because we never felt it was the right time to drink it. The note inside said “this is that special occasion…will you marry me?” It was very special because the proposal was in front of our entire family and no one other than my father knew he was going to propose.

Wedding Style via Bride:

I had a wedding dress and a reception dress. My wedding dress was a more classic strapless, mermaid shaped, 100% silk, Manuel Mota for Provonias dress with a long train in the back. I tried on many different wedding dresses and styles and kept going back to my original dress. I even freaked out 1 month before the wedding wondering if I picked the right dress and went back and tried on more dresses…I was reassured that I had made the right choice. I knew I wanted my reception dress to be more fun and dramatic. It took me longer to find my reception dress than my wedding dress. I looked for over 8 months for a reception dress EVERYWHERE. The Wednesday before my wedding, my friend called and sent me the info of a prom store that she called already and told them I would be coming. I found at least 5 potential dresses that day, but feel in love with a detailed lace leather dress with a dramatic tulle train

Culture of Wedding via Bride:

We both pledged. Gina-Delta Sigma Theta and Andre-Alpha Phi Alpha.  Therefore, at the reception the deltas sang the sweetheart song followed by alphas singing to me, the bride.

Memories via Couple:

The best memory from our wedding was the reception. We partied as soon as we walked in. Everyone was on the dance floor and lifted us up in the air and threw money on us. We didn’t start eating until 2 hours later

Advice from Couple:  

Do what makes you happy at your wedding. Spend money on parts of the wedding that’s important to you and save on the other areas. In Andre’s words: give her whatever she wants!


Jacquies + Jordan | Engagement Session at The Joule in Dallas, TX


We recently had the pleasure of photographing Jacquies and Jordan at an upscale hotel in Downtown Dallas, The Joule. We give our couple mad props for looking so effortlessly chic while squeezing in three different outfit changes during our session. We hit up a few areas within the hotel as well as outside; the billiards room, a hotel room, and the streets outside for an industrial look. As you can see below, the billiards room allowed for a sophisticated yet playful setting where as the other two locations assisted with the glamour that helped elevate the shoot. If these are their engagements, we can’t wait for their wedding! Continue scrolling to see more…


MunaLuchi Guest Writer: 5 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

5 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer-1.jpg

By: Joshua & Kariss Farris, Co-Founders/Head Photographers of Pharris Photography

As photographers, and once bride and groom in the midst of planning their wedding, we understand the importance of finding the right photographer to capture your special day. There is so much information readily available to you. You might be overwhelmed not knowing what source to refer to but, we would love to give you questions that need to be asked before booking your wedding photographer. Having the inside scoop from both the bride and photographer’s end, we know this insight will be of value and immensely help you on your journey to finding the right photography team. Continue scrolling to read more or click here to see the full feature on MunaLuchi Bride.

5 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer-2.jpg

Why do you shoot weddings? This questions is crucial because it will help you get to know your photographer in a more personal way. Are they just doing it for the paycheck or do they truly enjoy their craft. Those that have a passion for creating beautiful imagery will give you a personal reason. Secondly, you will be with your photographer(s) all day so it is extremely important for you to like them. From the getting ready images, to the first look, ceremony, reception, and send off; trust us when we say you need to like them! They will be following you around all day to get those perfect shots! Lastly, this is a great introductory question and hopefully their answer resonates with you and affirms your interest in them.

5 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer-3.jpg

What will my experience be with you from start to finish? While researching and meeting with various photographers, you want to make sure they have a plan. This question ensures that they have a pre-set process, ensuring you a smooth experience. There’s nothing worse than a couple stressed about their wedding and a photographer who adds to that stress by being disorganized. Yikes!

5 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer-4.jpg

How would you describe your style? The goal is to find a photographer who resonates with the style of photography you would want for your wedding. They are able to assist in making your dreams come to life in an aesthetically pleasing way. There are so many options! You have to ask yourself, “Do I prefer natural light or flash? Do I like more editorial shots or journalistic photography? Do I want candids or posed?” These are important topics to bring up when meeting with your photographer to make sure you get the end result you were hoping for!

How do you backup your images? It’s extremely important that you like the style and how your photographer shoots but it’s even more important he or she takes care of the only thing left of your day, your images! Unfortunately, neither technology nor humans are perfect. Sometimes things do happen, but if your photographer is prepared, they will have backed up your photos! By asking this question, it shows the photography team that you want to hold them accountable for this special moment. If they don’t have a backup plan, they should make one! Sometimes things happen out of our control but having a Plan B (and even C) puts everyone at ease knowing there will be images, one way or another!

5 Must Ask Questions When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer-5.jpg

Ask to see a full gallery. Maybe you saw an Instagram post, or a ad in a magazine, or a blog on their website, but its imperative to see the entire package. It’s like going to the movies and settling in with popcorn and a soda only to watch the highlight reel. You will also get to see the consistency of their editing. By viewing a full gallery you will see the full picture, and hopefully, envision yourself in those pictures. That’s when you know you’ve found the perfect match!

All in all, we hope you found these tips helpful. These questions have helped dozens of couples live out their wedding day dreams with great memories to look back on. If you are interested in asking us these question or any others for your special day, inquire today by clicking here. We’d love to answer your questions!