Noelle + Sullivan | Engagement at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, Texas


Noelle and Sullivan puts 'The Notebook' to shame with their love story and romantic harbor engagement session. Although it was a cold and windy day, Sullivan wrapped Noelle up in his arms to keep her warm and they quickly forgot all about the chilly weather. Being a photographer, you are at the mercy of the weather but rain or shine, wind or not, we make the best of it and we are so pleased with the turn out of their photos. Besides the rich cool tones, the breeze made for the perfect hair and dress movement as it organically blew in the wind. 

Noelle shared their love story and it was too cute not to share...

"Sullivan and I met in college (Texas State University in San Marcos, TX) fall semester of 2009.  He was actually my statistics tutor that entire semester and asked me to be his girlfriend December 2009.  We've been dating ever since and actually spent our post-grad years long-distance between Dallas and Houston (where he's from) because he went on to pursue his MBA at the University of Houston - Clear Lake and in 2015, he relocated to Dallas for me!  Sullivan surprised the hell out of me by proposing while on vacation in Mexico this summer, June 2017 (I was thinking it was going to happen this fall/winter) and we are so excited about this next chapter.  Since we've been dating since we were 20 (now 29), it's been so important for us to mature, finish school and just take our time in faith before we ever committed to marriage.  God has shown favor over our relationship, and we're so grateful!" - Noelle Smith

We were so honored to play apart of their love story and wish them all the best as they live out their 'Happily Ever After'.