Eshe + Kareen's Wedding | Featured on Southern Bride Magazine

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We are beyond thrilled to share that Eshe and Kareen's Wedding has been featured on Southern Bride Magazine! It was a lovely day in mid February of last year, where we had the pleasure of capturing the couple become husband and wife in the stunning ain ame atholi hurc pring, exas.  


"Love story: We were true college sweethearts. We met at Baylor University during their Welcome Week Freshman Serenade. The University hosts a night where the freshmen males travel to all the female dormitories and put on a quick show. The show consists of them singing and dancing in front of a group of ladies. It is really cheesy and cute also a great way to meet the other ladies in your dorm. After they perform, the men go into the crowd and ask to dance with the women they approach. Well Kareen approached me. He handed me a flower, we danced and then I gave him my number. We kept running into each other that whole weekend and on Saturday we laughed and talked all night long. We were both science majors so our classes were around each other. We began walking to class together, having lunch and dinner and hanging out a lot more. A friendship blossomed into a relationship. We dated for 6 years and welcomed our baby boy in September 2016.

How he asked: Kareen had been planning the proposal for a while. He was completing his Masters at UNT Health Science Center and applying to medical school. He got it and told me that we were going to go to dinner to celebrate with no baby who was 2 1/2 months at the time. My brother and his wife offered to babysit. We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Pappas Steakhouse, which was also our first date. I was just happy to be going on a date with no baby I didn't think anything more. After dinner we stopped at a random park in Highland Park and there he proposed. I thought that was the end, but when we made it home, there was all of our friends and family for a surprise engagement party. Our wedding was an intimate and beautiful wedding with just parents and siblings. We plan on doing a large reception in the next year. " - Eshe

Vendor Details

Photography: Pharris Photography

Venue: Saint James Catholic Church in Spring, Texas