Bianca + Andre | Wedding at Carleen Bright Arboretum in Woodway, Texas


The happiness and love of the couple could be seen in their eyes. As Bianca walked down the aisle, the tears came down her cheeks from the joy that she would be marrying the one.  Meanwhile the look of DeAndre said it all, as he saw his now wife walking towards him. She wore a simple yet elegant long white dress with an open back. The ceremony took place outdoors with a greenery scene and a white floral wall served as the backdrop of the altar. The backdrop was complimented with white chairs and pink petals that lay across the aisle. Dressed in black were the bridal party, with pink flowers for a touch of color. The venue served as the perfect location for the wedding photography since it balanced well with the rustic nature theme of the wedding. The reception included many pink details, including their wooden welcome sign that included green leaves and pink flowers as adornment. The reception also included many white features that were highlighted by the pink and purple lighting. Meanwhile at the table of honor sat the newlyweds. With modern style furniture and floral arrangements surrounding them, the newlyweds laughed and enjoyed their wedding night. Their cake was a naked style 4 tower cake that was topped with roses. It was an honor to shoot such a beautifully detailed wedding with a bride and groom that looked so happy and in love.