Thank You, Phamily!


You guys have been here from the jump! Y’all are truly Phamily and have supported and encouraged us since we started this company out of my dorm room, through our marriage, all the way to our kids!

After my dad passed, Kariss and I felt and received so much love from our photography family that I’d be wrong not to sincerely say thank you; it’s truly been incredible to experience. It’s brought me a lot of clarity and shown me the importance of what we do, but more importantly, who we do it with.

When Kariss and I started our wedding photography business, we did it out of love. Our love for each other, our friends, and one of God’s greatest covenants and example of grace: marriage. All the love we’ve put in over the years came back times ten and I just wanted to say thank you.

We strive to do two things with our business: impact marriages and change the lives of other creators. We have an even greater passion to serve and help couples to not only have THE best wedding experience, but to see them flourish in their marriage through demonstrating how to work together as husband and wife and equipping them with the resources to grow together. We are ultimately a part of the fight to build families and put a dent in the divorce rate. Because we’ve experienced high highs and low lows in our marriage, we’ve been able to successfully carry out this vision - and we’re not stopping anytime soon.

Part of changing the lives of other creators is showing and teaching photographers and creatives across the nation how to be better businessmen and women through the distribution of opportunity and knowledge. We believe God has blessed us the way He has so that we can bless others and it hasn’t failed us yet. All we want to do is help other creatives and entrepreneurs experience the freedom we have with a couple of cameras and faith.

To our #PharrisBrides and corporate and consulting clients, thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and encouraging me to take care of what’s really important. I truly appreciate all of the respect and love shown.

I feel obligated to go harder and give more.

Lastly, thank you to our team of photographers, editors, and managers who didn’t miss a beat. And thank you, Kariss, for bossing up and making it look easy. None of this is possible without you. I’m so proud of you and where we’re going. Everyone, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joshua Farris, Sr

John 15:5