How to pick the right photographer for your engagement shoot & wedding

Working with the right photographer is essential for all brides and grooms who want their wedding to be perfectly captured and “preserved” in their wedding album. How do you choose the perfect professional from the sea of photographers out there? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  1. Do your research and only contact those photographers whose portfolios look suitable for your wedding style and personality. Take a very close look at their gallery and see if their wedding photography style resonates with you, who you are, and what your Big Day is all about. In general, you will enjoy your special day so much more if you choose a photographer that has a personality that will work with yours, has a style that is similar to yours, and a photographer that understands your vision.

  2. Check their reviews. What are former clients saying about their services? Are they happy? Do the reviews sound genuine? Are they posted on a trustworthy website (e.g. WeddingWire)?

  3. Ask questions! Once you schedule a meeting with your desired photographer, make sure to prepare a list of questions to ask. From style-related questions and suggestions for types of pictures to contractual questions, you need to be ready – so that you make sure you and your photographer are on the same page with everything.

  4. Plan ahead! It’s always a good idea to have a Plan B as accidents and sickness happen. This is precisely why your photographer needs to have a Plan B in order, in case they cannot make it to the wedding. The last thing you want on your wedding morning is running around after that one friend who has a semi-professional camera and some kind of photography skills, to ask him to be your wedding photographer.

  5. Follow your instinct. Does the photographer feel right? Can you communicate with them and would you be comfortable with them spending quite a bit of time to shoot pictures of you, your loved one, and your closest friends and relatives.



No matter what wedding photographer you may choose, make sure to keep your eyes open and only work with those who have a lot of experience in capturing true beauty at weddings. Choose the photographer you connect with, as opposed to a photographer who is simply very trendy. This is your Big Day and you deserve to hire wedding specialists who really understand you!