Different ways to share your wedding photos as gifts

Your wedding photos are precious – not only because they look flawless from the point of view of the style and technique used, but also because they will capture candid, sweet moments from your big day that you will cherish forever.

Below we have some ideas for you on how you can share your wedding photos as gifts – so read on and find out more so that you can pleasantly surprise your loved one with a gift they will cherish just as much.

  • Thank You notes. Although writing separate Thank You notes for all of your attendees seems like a daunting task, trust us when we say it is  more than worth it. In a world where everything is based on technology (sending text messages, emails, and those alike) staying traditional when it comes to a handwritten thank you means so much more!  Your guests deserve this (otherwise formal) form of gratitude and if you add some of your funniest, most charming, and/or most sentimental wedding pictures, these Thank You notes are bound to make everyone’s heart melt!


  • Print your picture as a stencil on personalized mini-champagne bottles and offer these as wedding favors. Want to really pamper your wedding guests? There’s nothing quite like champagne to say luxury and celebration.


  • Fridge magnets. This may be a real classic but there’s a reason it has remained one of the most popular wedding favor ideas out there; it works. If you manage to shoot a few adorable engagement wedding pictures, print them on fridge magnets and add a funny, sweet, or romantic lyric or text. People will definitely appreciate the effort you have put into this heartfelt, unique and fun wedding favor!


  • Use your engagement pictures for the wedding invitations. A great way for you to make the final decision of your wedding photographer is to work with them for your engagement shoot. You can make great use of the pictures taken during this special photoshoot by using the photos as your wedding invite.. You can either place them on the invitations, or you can be a bit more low-key and use parts of these pictures in the Save the Date cards. Although you won’t be offering these photos as gifts per say, they can be a very sweet souvenir for those who want to attend your wedding.


No matter how you choose to use your wedding photos and what type of gifts you select for your guests, remember to always think of what they would like without giving up on your own personality and uniqueness. Stay true to your style and those you are gifting will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness behind the present!