Pharris Philms

Do we offer videography? Of course! We have an amazing videography team on staff who shoot with us. Take a peek at some of our most recent weddings.


Sergio & Rachel

Healdsburg, CA

Sergio and Rachel brought us out from Texas to Healdsburg and we are so glad they did. Although they originally planned an Austin wedding, they realized the close and intimate feel they were looking for was growing bigger than they anticipated. So, they packed up everything and headed out to California with their closest friends and family. Take a look! 

Kyle & Amber

Houston, TX

Such a sweet hearted a loving couple. We are always amazed how we are blessed with the most kind couples you could ever meet. Amber & Kyle's sweet wedding was a dream. 

Curtis & Lauren

Playa De Carmen, Mexico

Hello, Playa De Carmen! Curtis and Lauren brought us with them on an amazing adventure to Mexico! So many of their friends and family came to support them on their big day. It was only a testiment to the truly genuine and wonderful couple they are.